Luxury & Budget Hotels

If you're looking for a luxury hotel northern ireland has many to choose from. Budget hotels can be found there, too. That being said, let's go over a few key differences between the two and why people prefer one over the other.

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The Rooms

High end hotels are known for their luxury rooms. Their rooms may include high quality bedding, furniture such as sofas, office chairs and a desk. Room service is usually available and you can order food directly to your room. The bedding is typically what you'd find at a high-end furniture shop.

Budget establishments provide you with basic room amenities. This includes a low-end bed, but sometimes the bedding will be of very good quality. Also, you will usually only have a few options in terms of room choices.

Bear in mind that different hotels have different room features. This goes for both budget and high hotels.

On-Site Facilities

Luxury hotels often have various facilities for their guests. This includes fitness centres, business facilities, conference rooms, restaurants, spas and pools to name a few. Business travelers or those who want to maintain their fitness levels or plan on staying somewhere for long periods of time tend to prefer luxury places over budget accommodation.

A budget hotel might not offer any of the above. Although, they may be located near a restaurant or a pub. Budget hotels are typically smaller than luxury hotels, therefore they don't have the same facilities.


As for locations, budget and luxury hotels can be found in various places. The most popular includes near busy airports. In fact, both hotels might offer free airport shuttles to and from their establishments. Other popular locations include mountainous areas, tropical areas such as beaches and wooded areas where people like to go hiking.

City centres are popular locations for budget hotels and luxury hotels. People who don't want to spend a lot of money in a big city will often turn to budget accommodation because it is far more affordable than staying at a luxury hotel.


One of the biggest differences between luxury and budget hotels is price. Luxury hotels usually cost far more per night than budget hotels. This is because you have more access to amenities and there are more features. Not only that, but a certain level of experience is expected when staying at a luxury place, which is another reason people are charged more per night.

This doesn't mean that budget hotels don't provide value for their money. In matter of fact, these days budget places have come a long way. Many of them are on par with more expensive hotels, but not as quite on par when it comes to luxury establishments.

When it comes down to why people prefer one to another, that depends. Some people want to save money, while others want as many things included with their stay. You can't go wrong with booking budget accommodation or luxury accommodation. The ideal hotel is whatever suits your budget and reasons why you want to stay in one.